Chad Basinger enjoyed spending time on his grandparents’ farm whenever he could growing up.  When he was 12 he purchased his first calf to bottle feed.  The following year he was able to purchase two calves, and from there the herd grew.  When Chad was a senior in high school at Pretty Prairie he purchased a couple of open heifers to breed to start a cow herd.  The following year, as a freshman in college, Chad purchased five more open heifers and had them artificially inseminated.  Today we are able to run several hundred head of moderate framed, easy keeping, Angus and red Angus cross cows.  

Chad married Cassondra in the summer of 2010 and today they have 3 children who enjoy helping check cattle or riding in the tractor. Cassondra plays a big part in the operation with taking care of the bookwork and driving tractor and semi.  From the farming operation to raising cattle, Basinger’s is truly a family farming operation.

Our family farm has been supplying friends and family with our home-grown, traceable beef for years, but now wish to offer it on a larger scale to the general public.  All of our available beef products are raised on our farm in our care.  We can guarantee no hormones, no additives, and humane treatment for the life of these animals.  From our snack sticks and beef jerky to our fine cut steaks and roasts you can have confidence that you know where these animals were born and raised.

Our goal is to supply your family with the same quality, home-raised beef we feed ours.